TSI was created out of two separate ventures, KC Cornings "Trick Scooter International" and Matt Thom's "Renegade" in 2008. Between KC's inventiveness and "Thom Cat's" drive to create, there was a perfect storm for TSI to come to life. The worlds very first one piece scooter deck was created in April of 2009 and named the Flowmaster, it featured mountable deck plates of varying sizes and styles (with concave) and one other piece of scooter history, the very first Flex Fener which has become the standard brake design in the industry. TSI was a turning point for freestyle scooter riding, Razor scooters were small and rickety, the FlowMaster was big and solid, it was apparent that freestyle scooter riding was a reality and that we wouldn't bolt another folding mech again. From the start we have taken so much pride in our product and keeping it made in the USA. We're not about the money, we're about the riders.