With riders often feeling limited by technology, the freestyle scooter scene was in demand for high quality components. Urged by fellow rider Josh Young and his own need for better components, Collin Snoek began designing and fabricating custom parts. Word spread and demand for the parts increased. In 2009, what began as a hobby officially became Tilt Scooters. Tilt quickly earned a reputation for high quality components and was welcomed into the sport by riders around the world. Now located on the outskirts of Chicago, Tilt is proud to be the manufacturer of the highest quality components for the freestyle scooter industry. While most of the competition is manufacturing overseas, Tilt is committed to American manufacturing. Unique in­house capabilities such as CNC machining, anodizing, laser marking, and fabrication allow the company to maintain a level of quality control unparalleled in the industry. Meticulous engineering and rider-proven testing continually allow riders to push the boundaries of freestyle scootering. Tilt Scooters – For riders, by riders.