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To meet the needs of our riders, VSS created what we feel to be the best short pegs in the Scooter world. Noticeably shorter than most pegs the SSS Pegs give you the ability to lock in grinds without getting in the way. Excellent for double pegs up front. Each peg is cnc machined from Stainless Steel for strength and to grind smoothly with less wear than Aluminium. The axle hole will fit 5/16 or 8mm bolts while the inner diameter of the barrel allows for use of a socket.  

Pegs are short, 1.1" in length (28mm). 

When ordering, measure the space between peg and bolt head (assuming the nut will be on the inside of the peg). See pictures for clearer explanation. We then figure out the best size bolt for your application. Let us know if it is for a single peg or double peg application. The longest bolt we have is 4". Please note we do not supply spacers, but you wil need to account for any space a spacer will take up. A good source for spacers is the inner ring of an old bearing, just break it out of the bearing.