TFox TANNER FOX Sig Pro Scooter




The 2021 Tanner Fox TFOX™ Analog Sig Complete uses the same deck as the legendary Prospect™ made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum that gets hit with a robotic TIG weld for exceptional strength and durability.

The deck is 19.5” (495mm) Long and 4.5” (114mm) with 4130 Chromoly Kink Bars that are 24” (610mm) Tall and 23” Wide (584mm). A Black anodized Huracan™ HIC fork and our Lunar hollow core wheels that ties it all together. The graphics were inspired and designed directly with Tanner Fox to show off his favorite styling and color combo


Deck:Prospect™ 19.5” x 4.5” (495mm x 114mm) Black AnodizedGriptape:GripperTape™ - TFox AnalogBar:4130 KinkBar™ 24” x 23” (610mm x 584mm)
Black Powder CoatFork:Huracan™ HIC - Black AnodizedClamp:Double Clamp - Black AnodizedWheels:Lunar™ 110mm -TFox AnalogBrake:Steely™ - Black - Powder CoatGrips:Vicegrip 2.0™ - BlackTotal Weight:7.9lbs (3.76 kg)