Smooth SCS Clamps


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Phoenix SCS is only 3 inches tall so there is only 1.5 inches of space in the clamp for your fork which means in most cases (except Phoenix forks) it will be required to trim your fork down by roughly 0.5 inches or add 0.5 inch spacer between headset and clamp. If you are not currently using an SCS and are ready to convert you will need to trim 1.5 inches off of your bars as well to maintain your same bar height. If you are already using a full size SCS and want to switch to the smaller version, your bars will be roughly 0.5 inches lower. Also, due to the overall smaller dimensions, only 1-1/4 inch bars are compatible with this system. Phoenix SCS Includes: SCS Clamp - 1-1/4", Compression Cap - 5 x hardware bolts (4/clamp & 1/compression) For THREADLESS FORKS ONLY!