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The Boxed Z350 is Fuzion's street destroyer! This complete features Fuzion's first boxed deck, which is ideal for street style riding. It is ideal because it gives riders a larger point to lock into various grinds. This scooter is also great for the larger rider, as it comes with 26" tall handlebars, and a deck that is 20.5" long by 5" wide. Fuzion has clearly put thought into this deck, as it features dropout reinforcements which will prevent your deck from bending inward from grinding!

  • Weight: 8.88 lb
  • Total Height: 35-36"
  • Bar Width: 23"
  • Bar Height: 26"
  • Bar Material: Steel
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Oversized
  • Clamp Style/model: Oversized Double Clamp
  • Compression: HIC
  • Headtube Angle: 83
  • Deck Width: 5" 
  • Deck Length: 20.5"
  • Wheel size: 110mm
  • Wheel Width: 24mm
  • Fits wheel size range: Up to 110mm
  • Level of assembly: Easy
  • Tools/Hardware included: Owner's manual and hex key are included
  • Suggested “Skill” level: Beginner to Intermediate