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This fork is brand spanking new from AO scooters. This new fork is currently available in two colors: chrome and black. The black colorway has rawed edges to give an awesome unique look. Composed of high quality aluminum that has been both CNC'd and forged. The fork tube uses butted technology to allow for thicker tubing where needed and saving weight where not. Using this technique the fork comes in at a mere 9.3 oz and maintains beefy fork tubes.

A lot of riders in europe love using pegs and you can tell the Diamond fork was designed to allow easy mounting for single or dual peg use. If you dont use pegs the legs are fat enough to help you lock into smith grinds better than most.

Compatible with 24mm width wheels up to 125mm in diameter. 
Top Cap Bolt included (no shim for HIC)

Designed to be used with SCS or HIC Compression